Acronis Backup Cloud

What is Acronis Backup Cloud ?


Expand your service portfolio with hybrid local and cloud backup and recovery and create new revenue streams with zero entry costs.

Acronis Backup Cloud consists of three components;

  • Management Portal
  • Storage
  • Agent on the end point device.

With the Acronis Backup Cloud Hybrid model, Acronis hosts and manages the Management Portal but not the Storage.

With the Acronis Backup Cloud Service Provider Hosted model, the Service Provider hosts and manages both the Management Portal and the Storage.

Acronis provides the Acronis Backup Cloud to Service Providers on a “pay for usage” or “pay for device” basis.

A subscription license to the Acronis Backup Cloud is granted, not a perpetual license.

acronis cloud backup

Pricing Model – Pay As You Go


Consumption based plan that starts you at zero GB, scaled up without any cap on how much you need and you are billed at the end of the billing cycle for the amount of storage you have consumed.

Your billing cycle starts the day you signup.

If you decide to cancel before the end of billing cycle you will be charged for the consumption up to that cancellation date.

• S$0.20 per Gb
• Minimum 10Gb

acronis cloud backup

Why Choose Acronis?


Acronis Backup Cloud is a highly customizable, cost-effective service that
backs up your customers’ data from any source and recovers it to any
destination and system.

Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup Cloud provides
your customers with a best-in-class solution that is easy, complete,
and safe.

Easy — Provides a single dashboard for providers to deploy, manage,
and backup their customer’s data and view the backup status
and history. Your customers have a self-service backup monitor
so they can control their own backup process and a centralized view
of activities and problem alerts.

Complete — Supports workstations and physical/virtual servers.
Provides usage and billing reports for all channel levels and supports
the customer sign-up process.

Safe — Provides SSL encryption of management channels
and in-transit and at-rest AES-256 encryption of data. Acronis Cloud
Storage is located in Tier-IV designed, SSAE 16 certified data centers
around the globe.

Why does SMBs Need Acronis Backup Cloud?


SMBs need to protect their data in the event of user errors, hardware failure, security breaches and viruses, loss or theft
of devices, software errors, data leakage, and problems with software and hardware updates and upgrades.

SMBs need to implement a hybrid protection strategy to have a local copy for a quick recovery and a copy in the cloud
in the event of a disaster.

SMBs want a cost-effective alternative to replacing on-premises backup solution

SMBs want to reduce IT workload and improve productivity


Key Features

Backup and Recovery Features

• Local and cloud backup for flexible, hybrid protection

• Recovery of any platform from the cloud to bare metal

• VM Flashback for incremental restore (New)

• Backup and recovery of selected files, folders,
or a complete system

• Backup of Windows servers / desktops / laptops, Linux
servers and desktops, and Mac OS X desktops / laptops

• Backup of Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Active Directory
(New), and Windows System State

• Support for VMware vSphere / Microsoft Hyper-V / RHEV
/ Linux KVM / Citrix XenServer / Oracle VM Server /
Virtuozzo VMs and containers (New)

• Off-site backup in the Acronis Cloud, your own cloud,
or Azure, Amazon S3, or other 3rd party storage

• Initial seeding program

• Large scale recovery (New)

• Disk-to-disk-to-cloud backup staging support

• Customer self-service backup monitor to control backups

• Customer centralized views of activities and alerts (New)

• Simplified P2V and V2P migration (New)

• Supports local disaster recovery (New)

Service Provider Features

• Easy-to-use management console with centralized backup
status and history display for all end-user customers (New)

• Remote agent update from the cloud management

• White label service

• Multi-tenant service with multiple partner tiers

• Custom service offerings (New)

• In-product purchase links (New)

• Quotas for protected machines (New)

• Automatic conversion of customer trials
to production sites

• Multi-language support to target any market

• Integration with existing systems via RESTful API and APS
Cloud Application Standard v2.0/1.2s

• Integration with Windows Azure Pack and Hostbill

Security Features

• 2048-bit SSL management channel encryption

• AES-256 data encryption in transit and at rest

• 24×7 priority support for service providers

Local Backup Maximum Allocation







Virtual Machine (VM)


Real Life Example 1

A company buys a 1Tb Plan at S$200.

They can perform local backup for:

  • 30 Workstation (Allocation : 20Gb x 30 workstation = 600Gb)
  • 2 Servers (Allocation : 150Gb x 2 Server = 300Gb
  • 3 Virtual Machines (Allocation : 30Gb x 3 Server = 90Gb)

Real Life Example 2

A company buys a 500Gb Plan at S$100. They can perform local backup for:

  • 25 Workstation (Allocation : 20Gb x 25 workstation = 500Gb)

Why is Acronis better than the Competitors?


1) Multiple Backup Source

  • File Backup
  • Image Backup
  • NAS backup
  • MS Exchange
  • MS SQL
  • System State (MS Active Directory, System Registry)
  • Office 365 (Available Soon in Version 6)
  • Agent-less
  • Backup of Virtual Machine


2) Multiple Backup Target

  • Backup to Vendor Cloud
  • Backup to Local Storage
  • Backup to Storage on SP Premises
  • Backup to Public Cloud (Azure, Amazon S3)


3) Wide range of Backup Options

  • Group Backup Policies
  • Retention Policies
  • Backup Replication
  • Encryption
  • Application Granular Backup
  • Initial Seeding


4) Wide Range of Recovery Options

  • Bare Metal Recovery (MBR)
  • BMR to dissimilar hardware
  • Web Restore
  • File Search (Available Soon in Version 6)


5) Multiple Management Options

  • Portal Branding
  • Agent Branding  (Available Soon in Version 6)
  • Email Branding
  • Usage Reporting
  • Reporting
  • 3rd Party Integration


6) Deployment Type

  • Vendor Hosted
  • Storage on SP Premises (Hybrid)
  • Full On-Premise Deployment (Available Soon in Version 6)


7) Supported Platform

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • vSphere (Agentless)
  • Hyper-V (Agentless)


 8) Others

  • Software Solution
  • Simple UI
  • Agent Management (Update, Upgrade)
  • Partner management
  • RPO (Min Schedule) – 15 mins
  • Able to set soft and hard quotas

acronis backup cloud

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