No IT issue is an issue to Win-Pro  — that’s what our clients say on Clutch! Scrolling through social media and seeing recaps or throwbacks from people inspired us to take a look back at how our team did on the independent B2B review platform.

Let us introduce ourselves first. We are Win-Pro, a Singapore-based outsource IT support managed services company for clients hailing from Singapore and Malaysia. That sounds like a mouthful, so you can just call us a trusted technology partner!

We’ve been in the business since 1993, and we’re always humbled whenever we look back at our journey. 2021 was like a new and challenging chapter for us, especially considering the global uncertainties brought by the pandemic. Throughout the hurdles, our team still proved its dedication and passion for our clients.

For us, nothing is more important than helping our partners. That’s why when we saw their incredible reviews throughout the year, we were beyond stoked! They are the reason why we are a top company on Clutch!

In our 2021 Clutch Year in Review, we saw endless possibilities for growth and opportunities. This year alone, we’ve earned an average of 5.0 ratings for our projects!

The Win-Pro team’s average NPS score on Clutch is 100%! That is the percentage of how willing our clients are to recommend our service to their peers and other businesses. 

There’s more though! Aside from our amazing record on Clutch, the team is also proud to be featured on Visual Objects, a visual portfolio site that showcases the best service providers from their respective industries. According to their research, Win-Pro Consultancy ranks among the best IT consulting firms in the world!

What an honor? We couldn’t be more grateful. All of these wouldn’t be possible without our clients. We are genuinely humbled by their gracious support, and we look forward to another prosperous year in 2022.

Start off your year with a bang! Partner with Win-Pro today! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let’s connect.