Have you bought anything recently? Have you bought something without reading at least one review first? Probably not. Today, ratings and reviews influence just about all purchase decisions. Businesses have perfectly understood this, which is why many go out of their way to display good reviews to potential clients. Not all businesses chooses to share their success story. That’s where a service like Trustpilot comes in.

Trustpilot is a customer review management platform that helps online businesses to establish a trusted brand and connect with customers by collecting reviews and gathering feedback. The solution helps businesses improve customer experience, showcase their reputation, and amplify their presence online, as well as increase overall conversions and sales. Trustpilot’s key features include review reporting and analytics, review invitations and reminders, rich snippet stars, on-site review widgets, Google seller ratings, and more.

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Organizations can get an immediate review boost by sending out ‘kickstart’ invitations to invite past customers to leave a review. Accounts can also be set up to automatically send a custom branded review invitation after a purchase is made, which can be sent from Trustpilot.com, or the brand’s domain, using Trustpilot’s optimized review templates. With embedded review forms, organizations can collect reviews directly from their business website, while review reminder emails automatically remind customers to leave a review. Collection rates, sources, and TrustScore changes can be tracked using Trustpilot’s built-in analytics dashboard. Users can also monitor traffic and impressions via Google search statistics, and learn exactly how visitors find the brand’s Trustpilot company profile online.





Organizations can automatically share reviews on their Facebook page using Trustpilot’s Facebook app, as well as share reviews with a single click on Twitter and Google+. Seller ratings and gold stars can be added to AdWords to increase click-through rates and earn more qualified leads. Twenty-five pre-designed ‘TrustBoxes’ help showcase ratings and reviews, and can be displayed by pasting code snippets into the website’s HTML. Marketing assets such as the Trustpilot logo, icons, and stars help boost credibility on various advertising channels. Additional platform features include a built-in split testing tool, Google rich snippet stars, review notifications, multiple user access, and reviews export capability.


Trustpilot has a lot of additional features that business owners love, too:

  • Gather reviews for products or services, and manage reviews for different branch and store locations.
  • Respond to reviews, particularly negative ones, to show your entire audience that you’re present.
  • Place reviews on individual products in your online shop to encourage purchases.
  • Use Trustpilot’s Review Insights to identify trends, positive or negative, that the business can then act on.
  • Link Trustpilot to your business’ Facebook page to validate your brand on social media.
  • Highlight your favorite reviews so they’re prominent on your Facebook feed.