Green Radar - Enterprise Grade Email Security

*Green Radar – Enterprise Grade Email Security*

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Businesses and organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimize their IT resources to better serve customers and meet the demands of the modern workforce. Many have invested or are contemplating to migrate their on-premises email and productivity applications to the cloud with Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace, and choosing a cost-effective solution to protect your company and employees against cyberattacks cannot remain as an afterthought.

Email is the most common method for business communication, but it is also the most popular target with email compromises responsible for over 83% of sophisticated cyber-attacks such as malware and ransomware. Consequences of a compromise and impact to business disruption, financial losses and reputational damage cannot be underestimated.

Green Radar Approach

Green Radar takes a modern approach to email protection. Understanding cybersecurity is a constantly evolving threat and that internal IT resource are often constrained in organizations of all sizes, many companies have entrusted their email protection to Green Radar.

We offer enterprise grade email protection via our proprietary grMail service that is delivered via our Managed Detection and Response set up, with a team of security experts located in our dedicated Security Operations Centers in Hong Kong and Singapore working around the clock to scan and remove threats on every email before it reaches your inbox.

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grMail In Action

grMail combine the latest threat intelligence, machine learning and expert management in a solution that is easy to set up and requires zero maintenance. IT administrator can access a secure web portal to get real-time monitoring and reporting

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Comprehensive Email Security Solutions

grMail’s proprietary multilayer detection is designed to combat every email threat and provides the most comprehensive email protection that blocks bulk spams, virus, malware, spoofing emails, phishing, CEO fraud and other email-borne attacks.

Block Spam, Virus & Malware

Using multiple behavioural anti-virus engines.grMail in-depth content analysis and context examination block bulk spam, virus and malware effectively

Phishing URLs Detection

A deep learning model that analyzes structure, context, etc. which enables phishing URLs detection with a strong reference with global specialized sources for known phishing URLs

Spoofing Email Attacks

Green Radar threat analysts identify brand spoofing, domain spoofing and CEO fraud by incorporating anomaly detection algorithms and threat intelligence

Ransomware Protection

Using sandboxing technology to proactively execute and detonate suspicious URLs or attachments in an email to prevent zero-day exploit via malware or ransomware

Managed Detection & Response

Adopting AI and machine learning to automate the investigation and response capabilities, promptly supported by SOC expert team to minimize the response time of email threats

URL Isolation

Adds an extra layer of protection to fully isolate and defuse all malicious links and harmful content such as drive by malware from the user

aidar - Refining Email Security

aidar™ is a proprietary artificial intelligence engine and adaptive infrastructure that harness data to extract hidden threats and gives your business a piece of mind from unprecedented threats.

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Big Data Platform Anomaly Analysis

Green Radar adaptive machine learning model that performs rigorous root cause analysis to discover any threats that may harm your business

Comprehensive Threat Hunting

We extended our hunting mechanism through our in-house SOC IT expertise to discover and to identify any unknown and new threats

Investigation and Reporting

We took extra step to remediate critical incidents for our clients. In addition, we also help our client in IT audit to ensure compliance

Optimize Email Policy

An automated investigation system to help client to segregate false positive review by analyzing the legitimation of email characteristics

Type of Email Security Options

grMail™ Professional – Comprehensive, multi-layered email security solutions with our proprietary artificial intelligence engine aidar™.

grMail™ Advanced – Comprehensive, multi-layered email security solutions with our proprietary artificial intelligence engine aidar™ & Advance Phishing Link Isolation, Drive-By Download Malware Protection

differences between grmail professional grmail advanced

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