How to Improve Notebook Performance and Stability?

When your notebook get hot, in order to overcome the increasing heat issue, the notebook processor will slow down. This process is called Thermal Throttling or Power Limit Throttling. Thus, you will get a slow notebook.

One effective way is to use Intel eXtreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU). As shown  in the image below, you can reduce the “Core Voltage Offset” by -0.100V.

Intel XTU - reduce core voltage offset

You can use CPU-ID Hardware Monitor to measure the temperature.of Notebook. You can take measurement before Intel XTU and after running Intel XTU.

You can achieve about 5-15 degree less in operating temperature.

Before running Intel XTU.

cpuid hwmonitor - before temperature

After running Intel XTU.

cpuid hwmonitor - temperature

In conclusion, by running Intel eXtreme Tuning Utility (XTU) and decreasing the Core Voltage Offset by 0.100V, your notebook can run faster and last longer.

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