Logitech ConferenceCam Group

Logitech ConferenceCam Group – Amazing videoconferencing for up to 20

Logitech GROUP Overview: Premium Audio and Optics for Large Groups

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Great for 1-4 pax  Great for 1-6 pax Great for 6-8 pax

Compatible with Mac® and PC

Simply connect a PC or Mac® to conduct

meetings within the user’s own familiar computing




Works with most UC and video conferencing applications

Users are free to use the desktop video conferencing

program of their choice.



Professional-grade certifications

Leading business certifications (Optimized for

Microsoft® Lync® 2013, Certified for Skype for

Business, Cisco Jabber® and WebEx® compatible4).



Tight integration with top cloud communication apps

Enhanced integration with Logitech

Collaboration Program (LCP) members5 ensure an

integrated experience with most business-grade

videoconferencing platforms.



Bluetooth wireless technology and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology3

Connect the speakerphone to a Bluetooth wireless

technology enabled device for great-sounding

audio calls, or pair NFC-enabled mobile devices by

simply bringing them close together.

Full-duplex speakerphone

Hear and be heard with lifelike sound that’s crisp,

clear, and highly intelligible. Plus the cast metal

base console features advanced audio and intuitive




Spacious audio

Participants can converse within a 6m/20-foot

diameter around the speakerphone and be heard

so clearly by remote participants that it seems like

conversations are happening in the same room.


Beam-forming technology with four omni-directional mics

Conversations sound realistic and natural by

minimizing sound reflections (reverb) and distracting

audio artifacts.



Acoustic echo cancelation

Advanced acoustic engineering reduces echo, making

calls sound more natural.



Noise reduction technology

Ambient noises and other distracting tones are

suppressed to support comfortable, natural-sounding

conversation on both ends of the call.

HD 1080p Video quality at 30 frames-per-second

Brings life-like full HD video to conference

calls, enabling expressions, non-verbal cues and

movements to be seen clearly.



H.264 with Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and UVC 1.5

Preserves PC processing and battery power by

putting video processing within the camera adjusting

dynamically to available bitstream. The result is a

smoother video stream in applications like Microsoft®

Lync® 2013, Skype for Business and in Windows® 8 and

Windows® 10.



90° Field of view with mechanica l260° pan and 130° tilt

The generously wide field of view and silky smooth

pan and tilt controls enhance collaboration by

making it easy to see everyone in the room.



10x Lossless HD zoom

Zero in on close-ups of objects and whiteboard

content with outstanding detail and clarity.




High-precision lens automatically focuses on people

and objects to deliver razor-sharp resolution wherever

the lens is pointed.

How To Setup the Logitech GROUP Video Conferencing System