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Have you seen or heard someone buying a really cheap fake Microsoft Office?

Most of us might seen or heard of friends that bought these. It will work for sometime. However, in most cases, it will cease to work after some time.


Have you ever feel the need to buy a brand-new copy of Microsoft Office for your new computer?

Well, many of us do need to get a copy of Microsoft Office along with our new computers so that we have these powerful computing tools to help us access and create wonderful files and projects.

It is almost essential to have on a home computer as it opens the opportunity to be just as productive at home, without the hassle of bringing back a laptop from work.

“Where is the cheapest version of Office I can get? I want to save money!”

The question above is one of the most popular one around today.
Naturally, we will look at the online marketplace, with our fingers crossed, hoping to snap up a good deal.

Surprisingly, there are some sellers that are selling it at seemingly huge discounts, with no information on the background of the keys that they are selling.  One can read the product details and be easily fooled by their claims of “Genuine copy” and simply purchase it with a click of a button. But here is the low down.


Shockingly, it is a stolen copy or fake Microsoft Office

Here is where I break out the secret to such scams.

Microsoft themselves provide a little-known service called the Microsoft HUP (Home Use Program) at an amazing rate of $15.

This program is designed for company employees who want to bring Microsoft office home. So, with this in mind, a middleman could potentially be selling you a copy of the Home Use Program. The hidden drawback of this is that the company can simply retrieve the licenses for the Home Use Program and re-assign it. When it happens, not only you’ll lose access to Microsoft Office, you could potentially lose all your data and files that are stored within the Office applications.

So, to protect you from having to experience uncertainty and data loss from having a shady copy of fake Microsoft Office. We urge you to reconsider carefully and purchase Microsoft office from Microsoft themselves or from official retailers.

Have a good day ahead.

Illegal Reseller

  • Online resale websites


  • Best Price!

Microsoft (Direct)

$349.00 / $619
  • Directly from Microsoft

Forfeit access to customer support, upgrades, technical documentation, training, and bug fixes

Increase their risk of exposure to a malicious viruses that can destroy valuable data;

Risk potential negative publicity and public and private embarrassment;

Are subjected to significant fines for copyright infringement; and


Valid Warranty & Assurance

Regular updates to protect your valuable data

Competitive pricing

Official retailer


Valid Warranty & Assurance

Regular updates to protect your valuable data



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