Why you should not buy GoDaddy Microsoft 365?

In January 2014, Microsoft partnered with GoDaddy.

Read the official Microsoft press release here.

GoDaddy Microsoft 365 is not exactly Microsoft 365! Some features are excluded.

GoDaddy offers attractive prices to new users that has bought domain or SSL from them.

Your business is scaling.. you might start with 2-3 people, then grow to 5 and perhaps to more than 20. That is when it gets complicated.

And as you grow your company everyone has more tech requirements…

Your CFO might want to use Data Analytics software like Power BI to work with Big Data.

Your Project Manager might want to use other tools like Teams and Planner to help teams to communicate and collaborate.

and your newly hired IT manager whose been here for 2 weeks says they need to centrally manage all devices

The drawback is that by adding this UI, GoDaddy severely limits the flexibility and usability of Office 365. This isn’t a problem when you’re only 1 to 5 users, but as your company grows and more people have additional needs it becomes really clear at around 10 employees that GoDaddy has you trapped and you need a new solution.

 There are some challenging issues listed below

  1. Single SSO does not work well
    1. Cannot enable MFA or 2FA
    2. Cannot work with other Microsoft application, add-ons
  2. GoDaddy Tech Support is not as good as Microsoft Support


Action Plans

Your only possible action plan is  to migrate out of GoDaddy Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365.

The migration itself is complicated. You will most likely need an IT professional who has specifically migrated away from GoDaddy before.

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