Introducing Samsung KNOX 2.6

Samsung Knox

is a defense-grade security platform built into our latest mobile devices. Our award-winning enterprise solutions are government-certified, and empower you to secure, manage and customize your business’s mobile devices.


Samsung Knox protects both device hardware and software to give you comprehensive security for your mobilized workforce.


Create custom device software solutions to meet any industry needs or requirements.


Mobile management made easy, with both cloud and on-premise-based solutions. Knox supports the most popular MDM, EMM, SSO and VPN solutions.

Warranty Bit

If hacking or rooting is detected on the device, our one-time e-fuse blows, disallowing any user access and securing all data. Attestation allows IT admins to remotely check if a device is trustworthy.

Integrity Monitoring

Booting components are always tested for integrity, while Run Time Protection blocks any code changes to the kernel, and ensures the integrity of the data in system partition.
Samsung KNOX

Chipset Security

Samsung manufactures and configures its devices in its own factories, and has designed them so that all critical security mechanisms are anchored from the device chipset.
Samsung KNOX
Samsung KNOX

Why Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox receives the most “Strong” ratings of any platform in Gartner Mobile Security Report

“Gartner gave Samsung Knox the most “strong” ratings of any platform for the second year in a row,” said Kevin Gilroy, executive vice president of Samsung. “Gartner also gave Knox the most ‘Strong’ ratings in every category under Corporate Managed Security, which we believe is a validation of the work we’ve done to offer the most secure system for our enterprise customers.”

Samsung Knox-enabled, enterprise-ready devices have built in defense grade security—right out of the box. Knox is anchored in the device’s hardware, and protects the device from the moment it boots up all the way through launching an app.

Gartner notes, “Employees who wish to purchase the latest and greatest devices may find enterprises unable to support them due to the lack of security controls.” With so many devices on the market, ensuring overall mobile security protection will continue to be a challenge. Due to its stringent security capabilities, we feel IT departments may recommend employees select Knox-based devices.

Download Here for the Full Gartner Report – Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management – Aug 2016

Critical capabilities

Government and related organizations around the world have some of the most stringent information and technology security requirements. Samsung Electronics works closely with these organizations on a continuous basis to ensure that our products and solutions meet and exceed these requirements.

Knox protects the integrity of the entire device, from the hardware to the application layer. Learn about the technology behind Samsung Knox.

Samsung KNOX