UPS Battery Replacement Service


UPS Battery Replacement Service

As part of the corporate Business Continuity Planning (BCP) , it is a good practice to check your batteries in the UPS. If required, as a guide, you will need to replace batteries every 2-3 years depending on your load.  Normally, you will face with 2 choices. You can choose the easy to install the original manufacturer battery or generic battery. In the real world, batteries are just batteries. even the original manufacturer are using the same or similiar batteries. The most important factor in deciding is the ability to install it and the availability.  You can find these option for UPS battery in Singapore.  You can find ups battery replacement price here.

Below is the simple summary of the two option for your UPS battery replacement


What are the main differences between a Original Battery and a Generic Compatible Battery?

If your UPS is more than 10 years or changed battery more than 3 times, you have to change your UPS.

APC RBC Battery

Generic Compatible Battery
FirstPower Rechargeable FP LFP Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA VRLA AGM




Ease of Replacement


Difficult, need more time

Type of Package

Battery + Casing

Battery Only




Battery Availability

Low, may need to order 4-6 weeks


Battery Life

May be in stock for a long time, may lose 3% voltage every month.

Fresher Battery charge, may last longer. We will refresh the battery before delivery.


We recommend APC RBC. However, alternatively, you can also choose generic battery like FirstPower Rechargeable FP LFP Sealed Lead Acid Battery SLA VRLA AGM

UPS Battery Replacement Service

Most UPS (APC, Eaton, Liebert, MGE, Socomec) will need battery replacement after 1-4 years depending on the UPS Capacity and Power Load. When it is time to change, most UPS will beep and flash the “Replace battery Logo” on the UPS. UPS used the Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (SLA) or VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid). They are either connected in series or parallel. You can buy two types of battery, original battery and compatible battery.

UPS Battery Replacement

How to get the right UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC for APC UPS?


Get Model of UPS


UPS Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Replacement Guidelines

  • Never connect cells in parallel and/or series that are not designed for that purpose. A cell mismatch may cause overcharge and venting with flame.
  • Never charge or discharge the battery without connecting a working protection circuit. Each cell must be monitored individually and the current disconnected if an anomaly occurs.
  • Always attach a temperature sensor when charging and discharging the battery. The temperature sensor must disconnect the current on excess temperature.
  • Only connect cells that are matched and have the identical state-of-charge.
  • Pay special attention when using an unknown brand. Not all brands contain intrinsic safety features that protect the cell when stressed.
  • Never leave the battery unattended while under charge or discharge.
  • Do not charge a battery that has physical damage.
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