WinZip – Quickly and easily zip, protect, share and manage all your files with the world’s #1 zip utility.


Unzip all major file formats

Enterprise Banking Level Encryption to Protect your Data

Protect files with banking-level encryption

Convert, Combine, WaterMark your PDF 

Zip files to reduce email attachment size

Access and manage files on your PC, network and clouds

Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more…

WaterMark your photos


Unzip all major formats

With just a click, open all major compression formats, including ZipZipxRAR7zTARGZIPVHDXZ, POSIX TAR and more.

Protect your privacy

Easily encrypt files as you zip to secure information and data. Create read-only PDFs and add watermarks to deter copying.

Complete file management

Easily find, open, edit, move and share your files, whether they are on your computer, network or cloud service.

Share anywhere

Easily share large files by email, cloud services, social media and instant messaging. Quickly share links to your cloud files.

Why WinZip Maintenance?


The CorelSure Software Maintenance program for WinZip is designed to ensure you the greatest possible return on your software investment, while minimizing your risk. CorelSure gives your team members the support, resources and peace of mind they need to do exceptional work and produce extraordinary results.

What you get with CorelSure:

  • Quick start launch guidance: New deployments executed correctly mean fewer issues downstream. With CorelSure, you’ll receive the support of dedicated team guiding you step-by-step through the launch process, so you’re set up for problem-free success from Day One.
  • Support your way: When you do need support, CorelSure connects you to a customized, multi-channel network designed to give you the precise help you need, in exactly the way you prefer – via web or email. Problems will be resolved in the fastest, most convenient way for you.
  • Up-to-the-minute upgrades: We are constantly monitoring, refining and updating our products based on feedback from our customers, partners and research & development team. CorelSure guarantees you access to new upgrades the moment they’re live, so you’ll always be working with the most powerful set of tools.
  • Version flexibility: You don’t need to have the latest version of your software to enjoy the benefits of CorelSure. It’s available for prior versions than the most current. Plus, you’ll be able to access versions of your software dating back to your original purchase. so you’ll always be working with the most powerful set of tools.
  • Global licensing and language support: CorelSure makes it easy for your business to respond to the demands of a global marketplace and workforce. You can request any available language you need, and your benefits will be extended to all licenses you acquire during your coverage period, without additional cost or effort.
  • Centralized control & compliance: CorelSure gives YOU control over your software’s distribution and activity. Your IT administrator can install multiple copies with a single key, enabling a smoother, faster, centralized process.
  • Discounting and price protection: Growth and expansion are hallmarks of a company’s success. Your software shouldn’t penalize you for them — and with CorelSure, it won’t. Volume and cumulative license discounts, tier-based pricing and more are all included with your membership.
  • Invite-only opportunities: With CorelSure, you’ll have access to exclusive webinars, training sessions, events and more, led by internal experts and real-world power users who can help you develop your skills, build your network and maximize your software’s potential.

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