WordPress Website Support Services

WordPress Website Support Services

What is WordPress

WordPress is the popular web content management system CMS. It was created as a tool to publish blogs but has evolved to support publishing other web content, including more traditional websites, mailing lists and Internet forum, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems and online stores.

Around 810 million websites use WordPress as of 2023, according to our best estimations. This represents around 43% of all websites. And that figure is growing rapidly. In fact, over 500 sites are built with WordPress every day, compared to just 60-80 on competitor platforms like Shopify and Squarespace

WordPress Website Support Services

We provide full WordPress website support services – taking care of your WordPress technical support and maintenance needs.

While we try to provide a level of service for every possibility, we realize that some maintenance plans will need to be customized to fit your exact needs.

Maybe you are looking for a full support solution and need more dedicated time each month or have a network of sites you’d like to be supported.

Whatever your needs are, we are ready to step in and provide unparalleled WordPress support and maintenance services. Let us show you. Contact us now

Why Need Support?

Website Security

Website Service Availability

Website Service Continuity

Website Performance

Website Service Features

Website Future Development

Website Administrator Training

Website Content Development

Website Seach Engine Optimization SEO

Website Enhancement

Why Manage?

Website might be down without anyone knowing

Website might be defaced or information compromised by hackers’ attacks

Due to loss of administrator password, cannot access website to update contents.

Website start to suffer performance issues. Website take a long time to load.

Website crashes. Databases is corrupted. Cannot load Website.

What can we do?

Ensure Backup/Restore of Website Contents

Technical Support for WordPress

Upgrade of WordPress Core Version

Upgrade of Plugins

Upgrade of Theme

Monitoring and Ensure Uptime of Website Availability

Monitoring and Ensure WordPress Website Performance

Monitoring and Ensure WordPress Website Security

Monitoring and Ensure WordPress Website Resources Capacity

Password Reset for Web Administrator/Editor

Common WordPress Technical Issues

  • “Internal Server Error” – misconfiguration wordpress
  • White Screen of Death – wordpress crash after wordpress/wordpress plugin upgrade (due to compatibilities issues of wordpress, plugin, themes)
  • slow website loading
  • “Error establishing database connection” – failure to upgrade successfully
  • web form not working
  • backup/restore is not working
  • cannot access wordpress admin page
  • WordPress security is compromised
  • WordPress is infected with malware
  • Images cannot show
  • Cannot add or remove plugin/theme
  • Fatal Error – not enough memory
  • Forget admin username and password
  • “Briefly unavailable for schedule maintenance. Check back in a minute” – cannot load wordpress
  • Connection Timed Out
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