Operations and Support Manager


Job Role Description

The Operations and Support Manager manages systems and database administration and help desk function. He/She focuses on strategic and policy development aspects that will have medium term consequences on the operation of the function and impact elements of organisation performance. He is responsible for Overseeing the incident resolution and business continuity plans along with the database and systems administration. He focuses on setting goals and priorities, allocates accountability among staff, manages the career development of others, liaises with professional staff and other managers, advises the business on technology related issues and engages in medium-term planning.

He is familiar with enterprise architecture frameworks, database administration and systems, and application monitoring tools.

The Operations and Support Manager possesses an end-to-end understanding of an organisation’s system environment and its critical elements that need to be actively managed to ensure service levels are met. He is driven leader, able to align the team behind strategic business priorities and to motivate key stakeholders to strive for continuous improvement at all levels.

Critical Work Functions and Key Tasks

Formulate strategy for service level agreements (SLAs) and improvements

Provide inputs for IT operations and support strategy planning
Develop plans to deliver IT operations and support, systems and database administration services
Develop service level agreement key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards
Monitor service level dashboards to ensure compliance to KPIs
Determine corrective action to address non-compliance with SLAs and KPIs

Manage and optimise IT operations and support performance

Establish priorities for IT operations and support activities, initiatives and incident resolution
Set direction for continuous improvement of operational procedures and customer experience
Certify the functionality of components and services to ensure deployment meets expectations and requirements
Oversee migration of components into the operating environment
Recommend enhancements to improve systems availability and performance
Develop and maintain a comprehensive database and/or library of supporting documentation
Develop capacity planning models and load balancing solutions

Oversee incident resolution and business continuity plans

Drive and oversee resolution of operations and support centre incidents
Explore opportunities to improve incident response rate
Formulate the organisation’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans
Oversee disaster recovery plan drills and activities to determine if technical criteria is met
Develop, test, maintain and exercise procedures for back-up, restoration and disaster recovery for high availability, high volume mission critical databases

Oversee database and system administration

Design, monitor and maintain data replication primary and secondary databases
Oversee database activities to ensure continued reliability, performance monitoring and tuning, security, back-up and disaster recovery
Oversee the allocation of database resources
Design security controls for data and databases
Participate in security investigations of database
Direct the scheduling of DBMS software installation
Oversee the upgrade of databases, new structures or elements

Manage people and organisation

Manage the budget expenditure and allocation across teams and projects
Monitor and track the team’s achievements and key performance indicators
Propose new operational plans, including targeted budgets, work allocations and staff forecasts
Acquire, allocate and optimise the use of resources
Develop learning roadmaps to support the professional development of the team
Manage the performance and development process, including providing coaching and development opportunities to maximise the potential of each individual
operations and support manager