With dozens of ready-to-use templates and thousands of customizable shapes, Visio makes it easy—and fun—to create powerful visuals.


Microsoft Visio 2021 Easily Create easy-to-understand visuals with confidence. Choose from dozens of premade templates, starter diagrams, and stencils available in the Visio desktop and web app.

Microsoft Visio 2021

Visio Standard 2021

Visio 2021 standard
  • Create professional diagrams easily with ready-made templates and shapes
  • Get started quickly with a familiar Office-like experience
  • Use your finger or pen to draw and take notes naturally on touch-enabled devices
  • Create database visualizations using built-in database model diagrams
  • Collaborate with others by adding and replying to comments directly within Visio

Visio Professional 2021

Visio 2021 professional
  • Create professional diagrams easily with ready-made templates and shapes
  • Build and validate diagrams that support industry standards, including BPMN 2.0 and UML 2.5
  • Use your finger or pen to draw and take notes naturally on touch-enabled devices
  • Create database visualizations using built-in database model diagrams
  • Collaborate with others by adding and replying to comments within Visio
  • Link diagrams to live data from internal and external sources

Microsoft Visio 2021 FAQ

Why can’t I open files created with Visio Professional 2013, Visio Standard 2013 or Visio Plans 1 and 2 using earlier versions of Visio?

Visio Professional 2013, Visio Standard 2013 and Visio Plans 1 and 2 introduce a new XML-based file format that earlier versions of Visio may be unable to open. Visio Professional 2016 and Visio Standard 2016 keep the XML-based file format. You can save files that were created in the new Visio in the Visio 2003–2010 Drawing (VSD) format, which earlier versions of Visio can open. To do this, on the File menu, choose Save As. Once a location has been selected, change the Save as type to Visio 2003–2010 Drawing.


I’m working in Visio Professional 2016 or Visio Standard 2016 with a file created in Visio 2010 or earlier, and I’m not able to access some of the features in the new Visio. What could be wrong?

When you open a file created with an earlier version of Visio in the new Visio, some features will be disabled for compatibility. Converting the file to the new Visio file format will enable all features. To convert a Visio 2003–2010 drawing to the new file format, on the File menu, click Info and then click Convert.


What are the differences between Visio Professional and Visio Plans 1 and 2?

Microsoft Visio Plan 2, available as a subscription, includes the same capabilities as Visio Professional 2021. In addition, such cloud-only features as Data Visualiser, Database Reverse Engineering, Improved Support for the AutoCAD drawings have been recently introduced. Plan 2 also allows each user to install Visio on up to five PCs running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7. It automatically installs the latest updates (both feature and security) for the duration of the subscription.



Which version of Visio should I purchase?

Visio Plan 1 is best for addressing basic diagramming needs allowing a user to create and share simple diagrams in a favourite browser. Visio Plan 2 is the industry-leading diagramming and visualisation solution, offering ready-made professional templates and 250,000 shapes meeting industry standards, including BPMN 2.0, UML 2.5 and IEEE, the ability to overlay data on top of diagrams and all the functionality of Visio Plan 1, including 2 GB of OneDrive diagram storage.


How can I learn about options for licensing Visio?

For information on how to license Visio, please visit our licensing page.


How do I buy a Visio subscription?

Both Visio subscription plans are offered as a monthly or annual subscription. See details for plans and pricing. Both plans can be added to Office 365 tenant and account.


How can I ask a question that is not covered here or send feedback about Visio?

To ask questions or provide feedback, please connect with us on the Visio forums, including the Visio Answers forum or the Visio MSDN forum.


Differences Between Visio 2021 Standard and Visio 2021 Professional

Visio 2021 Standard
Standard edition includes:
Visio 2021 Professional
Professional edition includes everything in the Standard edition, plus:
Flowcharts: Basic, cross-functional, workflow

Schedules: Timeline, calendar, Gantt, PERT

Networking: Basic network diagram

Maps, floor plans: office layout, directional map

Business: org chart, TQM, EPC, marketing, cause & effect, brainstorming, fault-tree analysis, audit, graphs

Multipurpose: Block diagram, numerous shapes
Engineering: basic electrical, piping, instrumentation, fluid power, systems, industrial controls, circuits and logic, process flow, parts and assembly

Software & database: Website, UML, database model, enterprise app, web and mobile wireframes, data flow, program structure, web site map

Flowcharts: BPMN, SDL, IDEF0/1, SharePoint workflow

Networking: Azure, Amazon Web Services, rack, detailed network, LDAP directory, Active Directory

Maps, floor plans: electrical and telecom, reflected ceiling, home, space, HVAC, plant layout, crime scene investigation, security and access, floor plan, plumbing and piping, site, social distancing

Business: value stream map, Pivot Diagram, Six Sigma, ITIL

Alternatively, you can consider to buy Cloud version

Microsoft Visio Online