In this article, we will share about Avepoint Fly and the migration From Google Workspace To Microsoft 365. As organizations embrace digital transformation, the need for robust productivity and collaboration tools has become paramount. While Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has been a popular choice, many enterprises are recognizing the comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft 365, prompting a strategic shift. However, migrating from one platform to another can be a complex endeavor, requiring careful planning and execution. At Microsoft, we understand the intricacies involved in such migrations, which is why we offer a range of solutions to ensure a smooth migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

Migration Strategies

Every organization has unique requirements, which is why we provide three distinct migration strategies:

  1. Lift & Shift: For organizations seeking a rapid migration, the Lift & Shift approach allows for bulk file transfers without extensive restructuring. This method is ideal for organizations with limited compliance requirements and non-sensitive data.
  2. Classic Discovery + Migration: This strategy involves a thorough assessment of your existing data, identifying which content can be supported by Microsoft 365. It also establishes a well-defined content structure and implements basic transfer policies.
  3. Detailed Discovery + Migration: For organizations with stringent compliance requirements or sensitive data, the Detailed Discovery + Migration approach is recommended. This comprehensive process identifies sensitive files, redundant content, and implements robust policies for secure data transfer and cleanup procedures.

2 Migration Tools for Migration From Google Workspace To Microsoft 365

1. Microsoft Migration Manager: Our native migration tool is designed for organizations with smaller and simpler structures. It guides you through the entire process, from connecting to Google Workspace, scanning for potential issues, mapping identities, and monitoring the migration progress.

avepoint fly Migration From Google Workspace To Microsoft 365

2. AvePoint Fly: For larger organizations with complex data structures, sensitive information, or vast amounts of data, we recommend AvePoint FLY, a third-party solution. FLY offers advanced discovery capabilities, granular migration policies, pilot testing, and comprehensive monitoring and reporting features.

avepoint fly Migration From Google Workspace To Microsoft 365

Unparalleled support at Microsoft, we are committed to ensuring a seamless migration experience. Our dedicated support teams are available to assist you throughout the process, addressing any concerns or challenges you may encounter.

What is Avepoint Fly?

Avepoint Fly is one of the fastest tools on the market to consolidate and migrate Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) mail, files, contacts, and calendars into your Microsoft 365 Cloud. Whether you’re
moving from Google Drive or Gmail, Fly Server is one stop migration shop. If you’re looking to clean up or clean out data, are on a tight timeline, or an even tighter budget, Fly Server can help. With our
super-light install package, you’ll be ready for takeoff in a flash. Download Avepoint Fly Brochure

Why Microsoft 365?

By migrating to Microsoft 365, your organization gains access to a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools, including:

  • Microsoft Teams for seamless communication and virtual meetings
  • SharePoint Online for robust content management and intranet capabilities
  • OneDrive for Business for secure cloud storage and file sharing
  • Exchange Online for enterprise-grade email and calendar management
  • And much more, all backed by industry-leading security and compliance features

Embrace the future of work with Microsoft 365. Contact us today to begin your migration journey and unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge productivity solutions.

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Why AvePoint Fly?

The benefits of the right migration tool go beyond the accuracy and swiftness of the migration. What makes FLY invaluable is the unique gains it provides:

  • Less cost since there’s no need to pay for infrastructure for the cloud.
  • Easier support for file systems due to it being an on-premises solution, avoiding the need for multiple tools for multiple types of data.
  • Unlike most SaaSFLY only needs the support of PowerShell (and not AWS) to migrate data, bringing better security because of the direct connection to Microsoft.