Office Relocation Services

Office Relocation Services

Win-Pro can provide both IT Office Move or IT Office Relocation services within Singapore and relocate to overseas.

We can plan and move all server racks in your Server Room or Data Centre.

Careful thought and planning are essential for a smooth office move.

It’s ideal to begin planning your move six months before the scheduled date.


Why Choose Us?

1) Our strategic partnership with leading office relocation service provider

2) Since 1993, close to 30 years of IT experience

3) Well-Developed Methods and Standards to ensure high quality services

We will recommend that you should consider your office move or office relocation over the weekends to minimize downtime and risks that could impact on your business.

Office Relocation Services

IT Pre-relocation Planning Procedures

  1. Checking & Verification of Inventory list.
  2. Identify equipment to be disposed or  to relocated.
  3. Labeling & Tagging of all network equipment.
  4. Documentation of the Connectivity between IT Equipment
  5. Physical inspection & health check for all network equipment. ( Including rebooting of the server )
  6. Perform systems shut down for all the servers & network equipment
  7. Disconnect all power cables & network cables connecting to the servers and network equipment.
  8. Dismount the servers & network equipment from existing racks.
  9. Packing & loading of servers & network equipment for transport to new location.

IT Post-relocation Planning Procedures

  1. Check all box present at the new office
  2. Unpack the servers & network equipment & removing all the packing materials from the site.
  3. Setting up all servers & network equipment & mounting them into the racks.
  4. Connect power cables, network cables & other cables to servers & related network equipment.
  5. Carry out cabling management work at the racks (including labeling )
  6. Perform a pre-start-up check of network & the necessary data line connection
  7. Power up Systems
  8. Checking & verification of servers & network equipment to ensure they are working properly & no errors & fault indications.
  9. User Acceptance Test  (UAT)
Office Relocation Services

Practical Tips on Office Relocation

  1. Identify and Locate your IT Vendor like Server Rack, Phone System, IP Camera. If it is the old analog CCTV then it is time to change to new IP Camera.
  2. Early Submission for Relocation of Internet Services – Average waiting time is 4-8 weeks.
  3. Decide to Dispose old IT Equipment before the relocation.
  4. Check Fans on Server Rack. Might consider Replacing with a new Server Rack.
  5. Check Battery for UPS
  6. Backup Configuration for IT Equipment like NAS, Firewall, Switch
  7. Backup Data on Server (StorageCraft ShadowProtect with Qnap/Synology NAS or Datto Backup)
  8. Make the Data Backup and the IT Equipment are not on the same truck or flight. In case of any unforeseen accident, the disaster recovery would be possible,
  9. Remember to inform your staff, suppliers, banks and customers the actual date of the company relocation the company.
  10. Prepare to update print corporate office stationery like envelope, letterhead and namecards with the new address.
  11. Remember to update the new address on your website.
  12. Remember to update the new address on your social networks pages like Linkedin, Facebook
  13. Remember to update the new address on Google Business Profile (Google My Business)
  14. Remember to update the new address on ACRA
  15. Share your new address with the previous landlord and new tenant of the previous office
  16. Update the new address on your email signature
Office Relocation Services