Comparison of Kaspersky Next editions

Kaspersky Next comes in three editions: Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations, Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum, and Kaspersky Next XDR Expert. The table below compares the features available in these editions.

FeatureKaspersky Next EDR FoundationsKaspersky Next EDR OptimumKaspersky next XDR ExpertWorkstationServer
File Threat ProtectionYYYYY
Mail Threat ProtectionYYYYY
Web Threat ProtectionYYYYY
Network Threat ProtectionYYYYY
Behavior Detection, Exploit Prevention , and Remediation EngineYYYYY
Wiping data from a Windows deviceYYYY
Scan removable drives on connectionYYYYY
BadUSB Attack PreventionYYYY
Advanced DisinfectionYYYY
Vulnerability AssessmentYYYYY
Root-Cause AnalysisY(Within Endpoint Detection and Response)(Within Endpoint Detection and Response)YY
Endpoint Detection and Response YYYY
Data Discovery YYY
Cloud Discovery : Monitoring cloud servicesYYYY
Cloud Discovery: Blocking access to cloud servicesYYY
Patch ManagementYYYY
Encryption ManagementYYYY
Host Intrusion PreventionYYYY
Device ControlYYYYY
Web ControlYYYYY
Adaptive Anomaly ControlYYY
Application ControlYYYYY
Microsoft Office 365 protection YY
Cybersecurity trainingYY