Employee Engagement in the Digital Modern Workplace

Employee Engagement in the Digital Modern Workplace

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is how effectively people interact with their workplace to achieve job satisfaction and to align their life fulfilment.


What is Digital Modern Workplace

Digital Modern Workplace integrates all the various disjointed functions in the company and allows the employees to use the office productivity tools to access data securely in an unified communication platform. The employee can also build processes, automate workflow and manage tasks and projects. Management can measure key performance index by business intelligence and data analytics.


Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

  1. Focus on onboarding
  2. Start Mentorship Program
  3. Live your mission, vision, and values
  4. Promote healthy work habits
  5. Recognize and reward your employees
  6. Communicate feedback the right way
  7. Volunteer as a team & other team activities
  8. Train employees to succeed in their role & beyond


Improving Employee Satisfaction

  1. Be flexible
  2. Allow employees to shape their own roles
  3. Stop micro-management
  4. Recognize and reward – outside financial remuneration
  5. Drive communication and transparency
  6. Promote good health
  7. Look after the work environment and housekeeping issues
  8. Invest in Training and Personal Development


 Your Digital Modern Workplace Must Have These Components

  1. Project management
  2. Case management
  3. Process management
  4. Synchronous communication channels
  5. Asynchronous communication channels
  6. Process Integrations
  7. Data Analytics


Some of the common teams collaboration and project management tools

  • Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Teams
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • ClickUp
  • Monday.com