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Simple, secure and automated protection with near zero configuration. Recover from ransomware attacks, roll back configuration errors and rest easy knowing your data is stored on the same Confidence Platform trusted by 21,000+ customers.


The Leader in Online Backup, SaaS Backup and File Recovery

Cloud Providers Secure Their Service – Not Your Data!

Your SaaS Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures the availability of your cloud service not the data integrity. That’s your responsibility. Now that you know you need cloud backup why not go with the vendor that provides app-aware recovery of your SaaS, IaaS and PaaS applications across Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, and Google Workspace clouds. It’s not just convenient either, studies show relying on a single vendor for multi-SaaS data protection lowers the risk of cyberattack and data loss by 44%. Meet your cloud SLOs (Service Level Objectives), reduce downtime with app-aware restores and retain your data with confidence in immutable, logically air-gapped backups on the AvePoint Confidence Platform.


AvePoint Cloud Backup protects more cloud workloads, lowers costs and reduces the risk of data loss.

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Build Your Cyber Resilience Posture

Whether you’re recovering from a business email compromise in Exchange, bad data loader job in Salesforce or need to rollback after a ransomware attack against your Google Workspace environment, AvePoint Cloud Backup has you covered.


Protect Your Entire Environment

You’re already benefitting from leveraging the SalesforceGoogle Workspace or Microsoft clouds. Why add the overhead and management complexity of managing backup appliances, databases, VMs, Control Planes, Storage, additional Cloud Subscriptions and more just to run your backups? Reduce total cost of ownership with AvePoint.


Focus on Efficiency and Recovery

Our award-winning multi-SaaS cloud backup solution delivers value to everyone in your entire organization – from your cloud service administrators to your security executives and end users.