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Why Buy Kaspersky?

Managing your endpoint and infrastructure security is becoming an ever more complex and more frustrating job. Faced with wide-ranging challenges including implementing disparate, disjointed solutions against a backdrop of escalating security threats, you need a new, uncomplicated way to secure and manage your world.

Here are 10 reasons why buy Kaspersky

  1. One Platform. Kaspersky’s technology platform is developed in-house by our own engineers. This fully integrated architecture allows for stability and streamlined IT policy creation by the security administrator. A single policy set covers anti-malware, endpoint controls, encryption, and other security features.


  1. One Console. From one intuitive central console you can identify, control and protect all your endpoint assets (physical, virtual, mobile), conduct fast but thorough vulnerability assessments that help you prioritize the most critical patches, achieve real-time hardware & software inventories and obtain clear, actionable reporting.


  1. One Cost. With Kaspersky, you don’t have to evaluate, budget for and order a new IT tool every time you need to protect a different area of the network. We’ve developed a comprehensive set of security and IT efficiency tools, all built into one integrated platform. Which means only one evaluation and one budget request!


  1. Flexible, granular controls. With pre-defined or customized configurations, you can set and enforce security policies to manage application behavior and permissions, connected peripherals, and web use — in the office, or on the move.


  1. Painless, straightforward mobile security. Mobile endpoint protection can be deployed remotely through centralised Mobile Device Management (MDM). Kaspersky enables you to secure and protect your data, even on employees’ own smartphones and tablets.


  1. Powerful Encryption. File or Full-disk encryption protects corporate data in the event of accidental device loss or theft. Kaspersky’s technology is transparent to users and applications while rendering data unreadable to cyber-criminals.


  1.  Efficient patch management. Advanced vulnerability scanning and patch management ensures you’re always up-to-date and fully notified about your most critical security exposures.


  1.  Robust systems management tools.A powerful toolkit designed to make time-consuming IT tasks like OS installation, network inventory, system provisioning, remote administration, network admission control and license management both faster and less complex.


  1. End-to-End Protection. Kaspersky has long been a leader in protecting all aspects of network infrastructure. Wide ranging support covers Windows®, Linux®, Apple, Exchange, Netware, Notes/Domino, SharePoint, iOS, Android™, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more. From the endpoint all the way to the internet gateway, you can protect it with Kaspersky Lab.


  1. Proof of performance. Again and again in independent tests, Kaspersky Lab comes out on top. So don’t compromise on your security and don’t waste resources with other vendors who just can’t keep up with the threats!