Operations Centre Support Engineer

Operations Centre Support Engineer

Job Role Description

The Operations Centre Support Engineer works closely with the hardware and software teams in the organisation. He/She is responsible for implementing and installing new software and hardware components across the organisation. He has to ensure the systems are reliable, monitored, and support operations are conducted in a timely manner. He will also collaborate with stakeholders to serve, observe, own, and solve problems through innovation, reducing friction with production deployments, and increasing availability.

He works in a team setting and is proficient in database systems, network and infrastructure, and monitoring tools and techniques required by the organisation. He is also familiar with the relevant software platforms on which the solutions are deployed.

The Operations Centre Support Engineer applies critical thinking skills to resolve complex issues.  He also applies creative skills in address technical challenges on the job.

Critical Work Functions and Key Tasks

Implement new systems

Install software and hardware equipment for users
Carry out user acceptance tests on installed and/or upgraded equipment
Oversee integration, compatibility and continuing operations of systems to ensure minimal disruption
Conduct feasibility studies for implementing new solutions

Monitor systems performance

Oversee monitoring activities of all systems to ensure stable operations
Conduct scheduled tests on systems and monitor performance
Provide updates and resolutions in the event of downtime and/or malfunctions


Resolve network-related incidents

Analyse and provide technical back-up and third line support when technical incidents arise
Classify and categorise incidents for escalation
Evaluate past incidents and prepare reports and documentation for senior stakeholders
Provide support and recommendations to the affected teams post-incident

Oversee service level agreements and service improvements

Manage the development of service-level objectives and targets
Monitor service-level objectives to ensure that requirements are met or exceeded
Develop client satisfaction metrics and service procedures
Propose recommendations to improve performance and client satisfaction