Systems Support Engineer


Job Role Description

The Systems Support Engineer undertakes complex projects related to system provisioning, installations, configurations as well as monitoring and maintenance of systems. He/She applies highly developed specialist knowledge and skills in systems administration and works toward continuous optimisation of system performance. He implements system improvements and instructs other IT staff in the resolution of most complex issues. He is required to be on standby with on-call availability with varied shifts including nights, weekends and holidays to resolve systems related incidents.

He works in a team setting and is proficient in Infrastructure systems and Network related tools and techniques required by the organisation. He is also familiar with the relevant platforms on which the database is deployed on.

The Systems Support Engineer is able to quickly and effectively solve issues as they arise. He is able to methodically identify the cause of the issue, evaluate it and develop a solution in collaboration with the team. He is able to communicate effectively and displays high service level standards.

Critical Work Functions and Key Tasks

Oversee service level agreements and service improvements

Manage the development of service-level objectives and targets
Monitor service-level objectives to ensure that requirements are met or exceeded
Develop client satisfaction metrics and service procedures
Propose recommendations to improve performance and client satisfaction

Design and develop new systems

Develop  new systems in accordance with business analysis and systems requirements
Design security and integrity controls
Install, modify, implement and maintain systems
Define the system maintenance procedures
Analyse the use of new systems to identify enhancement needs
Conduct user acceptance tests for the newly deployed systems
Lead research initiatives for the development of advanced and automated approaches for system administration
Interpret internal or external business issues and recommends solutions and/or best practices
Provide technical advice on installation, setup, configuration of systems

Optimise systems performance

Explore opportunities to optimise the delivery of systems services with emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, and security
Conduct system audits and upgrades
Develop automated processes to define, measure, and report on service quality, stability and capacity
Analyse system requirements and performance to optimise the use of network operating systems
Schedule installations and upgrades in accordance with organisational policies, procedures and protocols


Resolve system-related incidents

Conduct risk assessments of systems
Investigate cause of systems issues and resolve issues to ensure uninterrupted operations
Resolve escalated system-related issues to identify root cause and potential solutions

Systems Support Engineer