it system integration (SI) services

IT System Integration Services (SI)

Computer systems integration services are the process of integrating your sub-component systems into one fully functional system. The process combines your physical components, such as machine systems and computer hardware, and your virtual components, including data, software and applications.

Our systems integration services offer your business the necessary connectivity to overcome any software or hardware challenges that may come up over time.

Win-Pro provide System Integration Services in Singapore and Malaysia that builds computing systems for clients by selecting a combination of reliable hardware and market-tested software products from multiple vendors.

Win-Pro being a systems integrator can align cheaper, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf software to meet key business goals, as opposed to more expensive, customized implementations that may require original programming or manufacture of unique components.

Creation of these information systems may include designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications infrastructure.

Some systems integrators working in specialized areas, like SAP, Navision or Microsoft 365 installations or upgrades, may offer more customization for specific applications.


it system integration services

Why do you need a IT System Integration Services?

A system is an aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality. System integration involves integrating existing often disparate systems. IT System integration (SI) is also about adding value to the system, capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems.

In today’s connected world, the role of system integration engineers is becoming more and more important: more and more systems are designed to connect, both within the system under construction and to systems that are already deployed. 

These skills are likely to include software, systems and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, and general problem-solving skills.

In Win-Pro, our system integration services engineer has a broad range of skills and is likely to be defined by a breadth of knowledge rather than a depth of knowledge.