Fortinet FortiGate SMB vs. Sophos SMB

What is Sophos?

Sophos is also a good shortlist contender for SMBs, especially for lower-midsize business and distributed office use cases that value ease of use, security features and firewall/endpoint integration. They cater to organizations with between 100 and 5,000 employees.

Sophos Firewall Manager is the name of the centralized management software, and Sophos Central is the cloud-based centralized management portal for all Sophos security products.

What is Fortinet?

Fortinet FortiGate offers an excellent Security and SD-WAN solution in a compact fan-less desktop form factor for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses. Protect against cyber threats with industry-leading secure SD-WAN in a simple, affordable, and easy to deploy solution.

6 Things to Know about Fortinet

  • Easy Deployment and Management with FortiGate Cloud.
  • Secure SD-Branch capability for scalable business.
  • Flexible and easy management of FortiGate’s in Forti Explorer mobile APP
  • Price/Performance with industry lowest TCO
  • Gartner and NSS labs recommended Secure SD-WAN.
  • TLS 1.3 – superior SSL inspection performance.

Fortinet Differentiator

Fortinet Offers Superior Security

  • Integrated wired and wireless networking to simplify IT
  • Purpose-built hardware for industry best performance with easy administration through cloud management
  • Provides consolidated security and networking for small businesses and consistently provides top-rated threat protection
  • Proactively blocks newly discovered sophisticated attacks in real-time with advanced threat protection
  • Industry leader in the Gartner MQ for Network Firewall
  • NSS Labs NGFW Top rated and recommended with lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • NSS Labs SD-WAN and Gartner Top-3 SD-WAN vendors based on 2019 WAN Edge MQ
  • Unified perimeter and Network policy through a single-pane-of-glass management console
  • Industry recognized SoC4 with SD-WAN ASIC security acceleration

Open Architecture that integrates with your existing security solutions to increase ROI

  • Secure SD-Branch which integrates Switch, AP, and NAC
  • Unified Software and features across all the NGFW platforms.
  • Superior visibility and control
  • Offering today’s encryption standards (TLS 1.3 support) and providing superior SSL Inspection without impacting network performance
  • Extensive Cloud Management & Simplicity through FortiGate Cloud, FortiManager Cloud, FortiAnalyzer Cloud, and FortiExplorer

Fortinet FortiGate SMB vs. Sophos SMB

Fortinet FortiGate SMB vs. Sophos SMB

FortiGate 40FFortiGate 50EFortiGate 60FXG115XG125XG135
Firewall5 Gbps2.5 Gbps10 Gbps4 Gbps6.5 Gbps8 Gbps
IPsec VPN4.4 Gbps90 Mbps6.5 Gbps490 Mbps700 Mbps1.1 Gbps
SSL VPN490 Mbps100 Mbps900 MbpsN/AN/AN/A
IPS1 Gbps350 Mbps1.4 Gbps1.2 Gbps1.5 Gbps2.4 Gbps
SSL/TLS310 Mbps150 Mbps750 MbpsN/AN/AN/A
App Control990 Mbps450 Mbps1.8 GbpsN/AN/AN/A
NGFW800 Mbps220 Mbps1 Gbps1 Gbps1.1 Gbps1.2 Gbps
Threat Prevention600 Mbps160 Mbps700 Mbps200 Mbps300 Mbps300 Mbps
1 USB,
1 Console
1 USB,
1 Console
2 USB,
1 Console
4 x GbE
4 x GbE
FortiGate 40FFortiGate 50EFortiGate 60FXG115XG125XG135

Key Capabilities

Fortinet FortiGate SMB vs. Sophos SMB

Simplified NGFW Security PoliciesYesLimited
SSL/TLS PerformanceBest NSS CertifiedDoes not Publish
Application SteeringYesNot Supported
Secure SD-WANNSS CertifiedVery Limited (No Certification)
Switch NAC (6.4)Integrated into Security FabricDoes not support
VPNSupportedVPN (stability issues) RED requires all traffic goes to HQ
SSL Inspection32 Cipher Suites (TLS 1.3)TLS (1.3) (Not all Ciphers)
Switches and AP’sYes (FortiAP & FortiSwitch)No Switch
Cloud ManagementFortiGate Cloud
FortiManager Cloud
FortiAnalyzer Cloud
Sophos Central
Mobile APP ManagementFortiExplorerDoes not Support
Zero-Touch DeploymentYes
Extended AV DBYes (6.4)Dual AV engines
Security Services (IPS/IDS)Normal and ExtendedLimited
Offline ConfigurationYes
FortiGate Cloud Templates
SSL VPNSupportedStability issues