What is Server Rack?

Server rack is secured, well-ventilated and well-designed structured housing or cabinet that store servers, network switch, NAS, SAN, patch panel, UPS, router and firewall 


What is the Rack Server?

A rack server  also known as a rack mount server, rack-mounted server, is a computer designed to be situated in a rectangular structure called a rack.

The advantages of a rack server include better space conservation for servers, increased scalability, maximized air flow when coupled with a cooling system and ease of regular computer maintenance and diagnostics, given that their design allows technicians and operators to easily slide rack servers in and out of them.

server rack
messy server rack
messy server rack

Messy Cabling

Spaghetti cabling is the common issue of administrators who are under heavy stress to fix a troubling issue in their server rooms or datacenters. While the most obvious example of this is poorly organized network cabling, there can also be a similar problem involving the placement you choose for the suitable power cords that need the electrical power for switches, routers, and rack-mounted servers in your cabinet.

Let’s look at network cabling as that’s where the most obvious problem usually arises. About the worst thing you can do in a cabinet or rack is to use only single coloured cables for connecting your server blades and storage pools to your patch panels and Network Switches. Because if all of your cables are single coloured, you have absolutely no idea to offer help for guiding you when you’re rushing to figure out which switch port is connected to which patch panel port to which server and so on. Using the coloured coded cable, cable ties, cable trays, proper labelling and documentation, we can organize the server rack better.

You can use the proposed colour coded scheme below.

Importance Functions Colours
Less Critical Workstation, Patch Panel Grey, White
Normal Normal Switch, Printer, CCTV, Wireless Access Point Blue, Green, Black, Pink
More Critical Firewall, Core Switch, WAN Red, Orange, Yellow