Recently, we have moved to our new office. Here are some tips for people that are considering to relocate in the next 12 months.


Here’s a handy guide to help you make the move without unnecessary stress.

  1. Identify and Locate Your Vendor like Internet Services, Phone System, CCTV
  2. Early Submission for Relocation of Internet Services – Average waiting time is 4-8 weeks.
  3. Decide on how to dispose old IT equipment before the relocation.
  4. Decide on how to clean data from faulty old equipment
  5. Check Fans on Server Rack. Might consider to Replace with a new Server Rack.
  6. Check Battery for UPS
  7. Backup Configuration for IT Equipment like NAS, Firewall, Switch
  8. Backup Data on Server (StorageCraft ShadowProtect with Qnap/Synology NAS or Datto Backup)
  9. Make the Data Backup and the IT Equipment are not on the same truck or flight. In case of any unforeseen accident, the disaster recovery would be possible,
  10. Remember to inform your staff, suppliers, banks and customers the actual date of the company relocation the company.
  11. Prepare to update print materials  like letterhead and namecards with the new address.
  12. Remember to update the new address on your website.
  13. Remember to update the new address on your social networks pages like Linkedin, Facebook
  14. Remember to update the new address on Google My Business
  15. Remember to update the new address on ACRA
  16. Share your new address with the previous landlord, office unit neighbour and new tenant of the previous office
  17. Update the new address on your email signature