Future Technologies 2022


This blog post on Top 5 Future Technologies for 2022 brings to you the top technologies that you should watch out for. Despite the fact that covid has been calling shots for the last year, we have seen some incredible growth in technology. There has been a massive upswing in technology innovation in the field of medicine, healthcare, Artificial Intelligience, and blockchain among others. Needless to say, these technologies are transforming our lives today.


Top 5 Future Technologies

Technology #1

Edge Computing is a current technology development that brings data storage and computation closer to businesses, improving reaction times and reducing bandwidth usage. It is also considered to be the most recent technological trend because enterprises are rapidly gaining access to sophisticated and specialized resources, which is sure to reduce latency.

Technology #2

Human Augmentation (Enhancement) – A technique of enhancing a person’s physical and cognitive abilities by technological alteration of the human body is known as human augmentation. Once implanted in a person, it will allow them to perform ordinary activities with extraordinary performance.

Technology #3

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be one of today’s most transformative tech evolutions. However, with the current world scenario, Artificial Intelligence seems more promising than ever.

Technology #4

Quantum Computing – Quantum Computing is said to be the future of computers. But the epoch is yet to arrive and the momentum is still building. BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen have declared prioritizing research on quantum computing.

Technology #5

Computer Vision – Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers and systems to extract useful information from digital photos, videos, and other visual inputs, as well as to conduct actions or make recommendations based on that data. There are many applications like autonomous navigation, neurobiology and singnal processing, solid state physics, automatic production quality control inspection and many more. It is also of major part of machine learning. You deploy this in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.


The future is very exciting. Human are advancing into a new era of mankind.