Why use Azure Backup?

Azure Backup

Traditional backup solutions have evolved to treat the cloud as an endpoint similar to disks or tape.

While this approach is simple, it is also limited. It does not take full advantage of an underlying cloud platform and translates to an inefficient, expensive solution.

In contrast, Azure Backup delivers all the advantages of a powerful and affordable cloud backup solution.


azure backup

Here are some of the key benefits that Azure Backup provides:



Automatic storage management

No capital expenditure is needed for on-premises storage devices. It’s automatically allocates and manages backup storage, and it uses a pay-as-you-use consumption model.

Unlimited scaling

Take advantage of high availability guarantees without the overhead of maintenance and monitoring.

Azure Backup uses the underlying power and scale of the Azure cloud, with its nonintrusive autoscaling capabilities.

Multiple storage options

Choose your backup storage based on need:

  • A locally redundant storage block blob is ideal for price-conscious customers, and it still helps protect data against local hardware failures.

  • A geo-replication storage block blob provides three more copies in a paired datacenter. These extra copies help ensure that your backup data is highly available even if an Azure site-level disaster occurs.

Unlimited data transfer

There is no charge for any egress (outbound) data transfer during a restore operation from the Backup vault. Data inbound to Azure is also free.

Data encryption

Data encryption allows for secure transmission and storage of customer data in the public cloud.

The encryption passphrase is stored at the source, and it is never transmitted or stored in Azure.

The encryption key is required to restore any of the data, and only the customer has full access to the data in the service.

Application-consistent backup

Application-consistent backups on Windows help ensure that fixes are not needed at the time of restore, which reduces the recovery time objective and allows customers to return to a running state more quickly.

Long-term retention

Rather than pay for off-site tape backup solutions, customers can back up to Azure, which provides a compelling tape-like solution at a low cost.


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