Compare Microsoft Surface Products

–Compare Microsoft Surface Products–

Compare Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft has released 4 types of portable devices. Each devices are suited for different uses and environment.  What are the main differences between Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Go?


Surface Book 2


Surface Laptop 2


Surface Pro 6


Surface Go

Target Users Power Users


Normal Office Users

Traditional Notebook

Normal Office Users

Traditional Surface Pro KickStand


Low Cost Budget User

CPU Intel i7 Intel i5/i7 Intel i5/i7 Intel Pentium GOld Processor 4415Y
RAM 8/16Gb 8/16Gb 8/16Gb 4Gb/8Gb
Graphics 13.5″

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050



Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060


Intel UHD 620 Intel UHD 620 Intel HD 615
SSD Storage 256Gb/512Gb/1Tb 128Gb/256Gb/512Gb/1Tb 256Gb/512Gb/1Tb 128Gb
Screen Size 13.5″ / 15″ 13.5″ 12.3″ 10″
Pixel Density 267 ppi 200 ppi 267 ppi 217 ppi
Battery Life 17 hr 14.5 hr 13.5 hr 9 hr
Weight 1.53 Kg 1.28 Kg 784g (without Keyboard) 522g (without keyboard)
Backlit Keyboard Yes Yes No No
Thickness 23mm 14.48mm 8.5mm 8.3mm
Flip / Fold Yes No No No
Resolution 3000 x 2000 px 2256 x 1504 px 2736 x 1824 px 1800 x 1200 px
Touchscreen Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB 3.1 Type-C Yes No No Yes
USB 3.0 2 x 1 x 1 x No
Mini Display Port Yes Yes Yes No


Surface Dock is great add-on for the Surface Family Devices. It empower the users to switch between Desktop and Portable Devices quickly.

Compare Microsoft Surface Products