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The reason for using URL shortener is, you can cross promote your products in social media blog posts or services with any of the links you’re sharing. URL shortening tools like bit.ly and tinyurl.com help to create shorter and more pleasing links to share so that you can drive the maximum traffic back to your website. URL Shortener can help you to build your SEO score by link building, which is creating more backlinks.


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Explaining Some SEO Terms

Link Building

While “building” sounds like this activity involves creating links to your website yourself, link building actually describes the process of earning links to your site for the purpose of building your site’s authority in search engine

Domain Authority (DA)

DA is a Moz metric used to predict a domain’s ranking ability; best used as a comparative metric (ex: comparing a website’s DA score to that of its direct competitors).

Spam Score

A Moz metric used to quantify a domain’s relative risk of penalization by using a series of flags that are highly correlated with penalized sites.

How does it works?

Different URL shortener has different Moz DA score and spam score. Ideally, you would want to get links from the highest MOZ DA Score and the lowest MOZ Spam Score.  Bit.ly is perfect for this.


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Some of the free URL Shortener Services


URL Shortener Link

DA Score

Spam Score

Cutt.ly https://cutt.ly/4b3nUTX 80 3%
Tiny URL https://tinyurl.com/x6d4jhen 94 1%
Is.gd https://is.gd/TaMRHg 90 33%
Short IO https://tb1.short.gy/3CX 29 1%
ShortURL https://shorturl.at/yzGMQ 64 8%
RB.GY https://rb.gy/poqodn 62 8%
Rebrandly 79 1%


Comparing Bit.ly and Bit.ly (custom domain)

Bit.ly allows you to have one free branding shortener link using your own custom domain. It also allow you to send even shorten URL, as you are not sharing with everyone. In the example below, we cannot use the , but we can use use https://winp.ro/3CX

The only negative side of using a branding link is that the MOZ DA Score is lower, so that it is not so good for Link building.


URL Shortener Link

Da Score

Spam Score

Bit.ly 94 0%
Bit.ly (custom domain) https://winp.ro/3CX 0 0%